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Perfect Imperfection

Everything that makes you who you are

~*~*~ About Me ~*~*~

♦ Latin American.
♦ Speaks Spanish/English
♦ 24 years old.
♦ Friendly.
♦ Medicine Student.
♦ Perfectionist.
♦ Impatient.
♦ Bad-mouthed.
♦ Sarcastic.

♪ Bands ♪
♥ the GazettE. Kagrra,. ScReW. ayabie. SuG. Plastic Tree. Kra.
Deathgaze. Megamasso. Linkin Park. A7X. alicenine. lynch.
System of a Down. 12012. L’Arc~en~Ciel. Versailles.
… to mention a few =3

+ Likes +
[+] Jrock
[+] Ice cream
[+] Making friends
[+] Aoi [the GazettE]
[+] Singing
[+] Reading
[+] Food
[+] Kpop
[+] Music
[+] Funny things

- Dislikes -
[x] Racism
[x] Rude/mean people
[x] Bugs
[x] Crowds
[x] Noise
[x] Hot weather
[x] Being interrupted
[x] Being nagged

I made this LJ account mostly because I wanted to be updated on anything regarding jrock and I wanted to make friends, I think it's interesting to meet people from other countries and cultures ^^

well, that's all I can say about me for now ^^ if you want to know anything else or we have something in common, add me and let's be friends! =3

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